• Kitties and Exotics: 1 visit $25;  2 visits $42.50
  • Doggies: 1 visit $27-$45;  2 visits: $50 - $65;  Depends on walk/play time
  • Additional Pet Visit: $20-$25
  • Overnight: $75 - $100; depends on # of pets & needs.
  • Emergency Vet Transport: $20

Presently Serving the Reno 89511 and 89521 Area (Other close by areas considered per additional driving fee)

 Prices include taxes.

Pet Care Services Include

Pet Care Pricing:

​*I am a licensed, tax-based business, in Reno and Washoe County,

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Jeannette Ragsdale: Reno's Exclusive, Professional Pet Sitter,

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Call or Text 775-338-4309

  • Daily Pet Visits: Hours of Operation: 7.00am.-7:00pm
  • Overnight Pet-Sitting: Includes partial daytime & all night within a 24 hour bracket - not a 24 hour presence at your home.
  • Emergency Vet Transport​: Although I always initially contact owners in the case of an emergency, most veterinarians require a written statement from you allowing your pet sitter to bring your pet to their office in your absence.
  • Feeding: According to your instruction.
  • Walking/Playtime: Walking is for pets that are leash trained & do not pull excessively.
  • Medication: According to your instruction.
  • Brushing/Massage: (Tellington) TTouch, Deep massage, general Acupressure for dogs & cats.

  • Litter box/Land Mines/Cage Cleaning: Cats are most content with litter boxes cleaned daily.
  • Indoor plants: Included within reason. My main concern is spending time with your pet.
  • Outbound Trash: Inbound bin retrieved on next day visit unless booked for two daily visits.