I am happy to offer exclusive, quality service to ensure both your best friends and home are in trustworthy, confidential hands while you are away. Prices vary slightly depending on your pet's needs. For instance, a high energy level animal requires more walking or playtime than a moderate to low level energy animal to achieve a relaxed state of mind. However, it is always your choice to decide how much time will be appropriate for your pet while you are way. 

Pet Care Pricing:


*Please remember that I am a licensed, tax-based business, both in Reno and Washoe County. On the basis of the present 25% self-employment tax rate, I am very reasonably priced. A 15 mile round-trip, mail fetch, outbound trash, indoor plant watering, and daily pet picture/text are also included in pricing.* ​​

  • Kitties and Exotics : 1 visit $25   2 visits $42.50
  • Doggies: 1 visit $25 - $30   2 visits: $50 - $55  Depends on walk/play time
  • Additional Pet Visit: $20 
  • Overnight: $75 - $100: depends on # of pets
  • Emergency Vet Transport: $20

Jeannette Ragsdale is PetSitterReno.com

Reno's Exclusive Professional Pet Sitter

​www.PetSitterReno.com    jr@petsitterreno.com

Call or Text 775-338-4309

​Pet Care Services Provided:

​​​Services & Fees

  • Feeding
  • Walking/Playtime
  • Medication
  • Brushing/Massage
  • Litter box/Yard/Cage Cleaning
  • Emergency Vet Transport
  • Overnight Pet-Sitting

​​​​​​​​2 Pets, Mail Collection, and Plants starting at $25​

Presently Serving the Reno 89511 and 89521 Area (Other close by areas considered per additional driving fee)